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October, 2021
1stLindy on the Rocks & Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout DenverLindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Other Workshop
Lindy on the Rocks & Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout 10/1/2021 City: Denver, USA Dances: Lindy, Balboa, Solo Jazz, Other After thorough deliberation with dancer and John Hopkins' Dr. Dorry Segev, we have decided to announce our save the dates!

Mark your calendars for October 1-4th, 2021, for a version of Lindy on the Rocks meets Rocky Mountain Balboa Blowout, with potential for some Hot Night Fusion Weekend added in. We will continue working with guidance from the CDC, local governances and local authorities. Follow this event to get your most up to date information, as we know information and procedures are continually changing.

Immunity event? We'll be able to share more of what this looks like as more information comes out, but all attendees (including staff, artists, and volunteers) will need to have/demonstrate immunity (whether vaccinated or other) within a specified time frame prior to the event, in order to attend.

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